The TAM Mission

Product Purchase Update (Added 10-26-15)

Love our TAM products, you can purchase them from our new CEC store space at:

WEBSITE UPDATE (Added 10-21-15)

Please note that our website is undergoing a major transition. We recognize that user logins are not currently working. All members were emailed the most recent edition of JSET in a PDF format. We are also currently transitioning our journal to SAGE Publications. Members will be contacted shortly with directions for accessing our JSET SAGE portal where members will be able to view the most current JSET volume as well as the past archive.

The purpose of TAM is to support educational participation and improved results for individuals with disabilities and diverse learning needs through the selection, acquisition, and use of technology. The secondary purpose is to provide services to members and other units of CEC, to federal, state, and local education agencies, and to business and industry regarding the current and future uses of technology and media with individuals with exceptionalities.

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