Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits (ATOP)

The open-access journal Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits is pleased to present Volume 11: Maximizing the Benefits of Evolving Assistive Technology Solutions. The six articles in this issue discuss the ways that smartphones, tablets, computers, web-based tools, and new software are increasingly being used by and for people with disabilities to achieve personal, educational, and professional goals. The articles are:

  1. Assistive Technology outpacing Disease Progression: A Longitudinal Case Study
    By Darren Gabbert
  2. Impact of Self-Regulated Strategy Instruction Integrated with SOLO Literacy Suite
    By Karen Erickson, Lori Geist, & Penelope Hatch
  3. Opinion Paragraph Writing Intervention for Students with Significant Disability
    By Pamela J. Mims, Carol Stanger, Robert Pennington, Wendee White, Julie Sears, & Nancy Strickler
  4. Technology Benefits to Elderly with Infirmaries in Functional Maintenance Programs
    By Richard D. Steele, Lisa Haynes, & Leland Wheeler
  5. Communication and Developing Relationships for People Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication
    By Chris Klein
  6. Use of Mobile Technology by Adults Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Voices from Two Countries
    By Diane Nelson Bryen, Juan Bornman, John Morris, Enid Moolman, and F. Mark Sweatman