CAN Action Alert! Assistive Technology and Digital Technology is an Issue of Access to Education

 Write Congress TODAY to Eliminate Sequestration Caps! 
There is only a week left before the December 8 deadline for Congress to pass a fiscal year (FY) 2018 budget, which means now is the time to let your voice be heard! All education advocates need to take action NOW and send a letter to your members of Congress!
On Capitol Hill there is a push for parity in raising the non-defense discretionary (NDD) cap by the same amount as the defense cap for FY 2018. Once new caps are set, the funding total is divided among all appropriations bills, followed by negotiations on funding levels for the individual programs, all of which will be pulled together in an omnibus appropriations bill. Congress may pass another CR to surpass the December 8 deadline, in order to complete this process. It is unclear whether the FY 2018 budget will be passed before the New Year. If a CR is passed through the end of January, an omnibus appropriations bill may be packaged with an increase in the debt ceiling.
CEC is urging Congress to permanently eliminate the sequester-level discretionary caps and maintain parity by matching any increases in the defense caps with equal increases in the NDD caps. Congress must eliminate the sequestration caps in order to make investments in both defense and NDD programs, including education, which are essential to our nation’s security and prosperity. Children and youth are counting on strong federal education investments to ensure equitable access to high quality education and early intervention from early childhood to higher education and career and technical and adult education, and to fill gaps where local and state funding is insufficient or where new needs arise!
Tell Congress to:
  1. Repeal the Budget Control Act sequester-level caps and
  2.  Significantly increase the federal education investment to maximize opportunities for children and youth and their families, schools and programs, and our nation.
Visit CEC’s Legislative Action Center to send a letter today! Urge your members of Congress to use the opportunity before the CR expires on December 8 to eliminate the sequester-level caps. This will allow Congress to make necessary investments in NDD programs, including education and related programs.
Questions? Please contact Katie Grady at or 703-264-9498.