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TAM Publication Award 2018

“Teaching Equivalent Fractions to Secondary Students with Disabilities via the Virtual-Representational-Abstract Instructional Sequence” is this year’s JSET article of the year.  The paper is written by Emily Bouck, Laura Bassette, Jordan Shurr, Jiyoon Park, Jackie Kerr, and Abbie Whorley.  The award will be presented at the TAM Business Meeting on Thursday, February 8.

Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits (ATOP)

The open-access journal Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits is pleased to present Volume 11: Maximizing the Benefits of Evolving Assistive Technology Solutions. The six articles in this issue discuss the ways that smartphones, tablets, computers, web-based tools, and new software are increasingly being used by and for people with disabilities to achieve personal, educational, and professional goals. The articles are:

  1. Assistive Technology outpacing Disease Progression: A Longitudinal Case Study
    By Darren Gabbert
  2. Impact of Self-Regulated Strategy Instruction Integrated with SOLO Literacy Suite
    By Karen Erickson, Lori Geist, & Penelope Hatch
  3. Opinion Paragraph Writing Intervention for Students with Significant Disability
    By Pamela J.
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TAM Business Meeting at CEC – February 8, 2018

Please consider bringing a tool or technology example to showcase during this session. In the past, it has been a very informal format where people “mix and mingle” to try out using technology as a student would. We look forward to an engaging and innovative session!

Please contact Don McMahon or Sarah Gannon Howorth if you are interested in presenting your technology tool during the Technology and Innovation Showcase after the TAM Business meeting at this year’s CEC convention in Tampa.… Continue Reading

CAN Update – Jan. 2018

TAM CAN Update from Sarah K. Howorth, PhD, BCBA

Save the date for the 2018 Children and Youth Action Network Meeting and the Special Education Legislative Summit! Please be sure to mark your calendars for July 7-11, 2018. The CAN Meeting will take place on July 7 – 8, back-to-back with the Special Education Legislative Summit, which will take place from July 8 – 11.

Now more than ever, your voice matters in securing federal commitment for the future of special and gifted education early intervention!… Continue Reading

TAM at the CEC Convention and Expo Center – 2018

Enjoy many sessions related to technology at the CEC Convention & Expo, Feb. 7-10, 2018

TAM SHOWCASE: Can the Tortoise Beat the Hare? Shining Light on an Eternal Problem Within Special Education Technology

Thu, 2/8: 9:45 AM  – 10:45 AM
Presentation with Q&A
Room: 22

The pace of innovation in the field of special education technology has always been (and will likely continue to be) far faster than the academic research and development cycle. As a result, many products and tools reach end users without rigorous field testing or any empirical data.… Continue Reading