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A Letter from the President

The beginning of a new academic year is right around the corner, which means that new technologies will be developed, tested, and implemented in the classrooms. TAM had an exciting Business Meeting during the annual CEC Convention & Expo in Boston. We had a record attendance and a lot of fun playing with such innovative technology tools as HTC Vive virtual reality headset, Microsoft Hololens smart lasses, Aurasma, Alexa, Osmo and a Dash-and-Dot robot. TAM members, seasoned and new, were “fishing” and “chasing tigers.” This was a great opportunity to explore new toys and brainstorm innovative ideas to use those technology and media resources for support students with various abilities and needs.… Continue Reading

Call for Nominations for Executive Board

TAM members are invited to nominate themselves or other members for a position on the TAM Executive Board. Nominations are sought for the positions of President-Elect, Member-at-Large, and Secretary. All terms begin January 2018.

The President-Elect serves a three-year term: the first year as President-Elect, the second year as President, and the third year as Past-President. In order to be considered for the position of President-Elect, the nominee must have at least two years of leadership experience within TAM.… Continue Reading

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AT Ambassadors

By Mollie Kropp and Caitlin Radek

Fairfax County Public Schools AT Ambassadors is a program under Assistive Technology Services that is intended to showcase the leadership, self-advocacy, and technology skills of students with disabilities. AT ambassadors range in age from elementary through high school, and use a wide variety of assistive technology tools. One ambassador communicates using a speech generating device with switch access; a few ambassadors use speech recognition and word prediction tools to write; another uses adapted equipment to access computers; and one ambassador says she “cannot live without her iPad.” No matter what tools they use, the AT Ambassadors’ mission is to share their knowledge and ideas with educators, students, parents, and community members.… Continue Reading

Tech Implementation Idea

Planning for Success by Diana Ree-Reeder

Planning is one of the most important skills to a successful writing experience.  It’s often overlooked and a student’s organization and motivation to write can suffer.  While it’s easy to do this on paper using a variety of templates available, both commercially and teacher created, it can be challenging to do this digitally, especially for students who don’t like to stand out by using different software.

One way to use digital graphic organizers is by creating a table inside of the word processing program being used by all students. … Continue Reading