March 2016

President’s Message

I"" just returned from voting in Michigan presidential primaries. I did not have to wait in any line. In fact, I was in and out again, proudly wearing my I Voted sticker, in less than 5 minutes. I did hear that absentee voting had been relatively strong in my township, but I had to wonder why my polling place was so quiet. There seems to be so much at stake in this election that, perhaps, inaction by voters and citizens is of more consequence than the actions taken by the next president.… Continue Reading

Meet TAM’s New Board Members


""Dr. Anya Evmenova is the Assistant Professor in special education at George Mason University.

“I am very excited to serve  as  President Elect of TAM. My research interests focus  on  the  use  of  instructional and assistive technology for cognitive  development  and content-based instruction for students with various abilities and needs. I am also very interested in the area of Universal Design for Learning. I teach courses in AT, UDL, and research methods. Technology has always been my passion.… Continue Reading

CAN Report

Computer Science for All: Safeguarding Participation of Students with Disabilities

""On January 30, 2016, President Obama’s weekly address was called “Giving Every Student an Opportunity to Learn Through Computer Science For All”

Here’s the link to the Obama’s Weekly Address about CS Education.

In his address, Obama stated that computer science (CS) is a new basic skill that is necessary for both economic opportunity and social mobility. He declared that ALL students in grades K-12 should have access to computer science education in order to learn how to be digital creators (rather than simply consumers of technology) and informed digital citizens.… Continue Reading