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Volume 27 Number 4

Interactive Whiteboard Technology for Students with Disabilities: A Year Long Exploratory Study

David H. Allsopp, Karen Colucci, Elizabeth Doone, Luis Perez, Ezzard Bryant, Jr.,
and Tina N. Holhfeld
University of South Florida

This exploratory study was conducted with a group of teachers at four partnership school sites (elementary, middle, and high school) who taught students with a range of disabilities. The study was designed to gain insight into how these teachers used interactive whiteboard technology (IWBT) in their classrooms, to ascertain their perceptions regarding the use of this technology for students with disabilities (SWD), and to learn about their perceptions regarding professional development needs related to the effective use of IWBT for SWD. Two points of focus were the extent to which these teachers’ use of IWBT complemented research-supported instructional practices for SWD and the impact of contextual factors on their practice. Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.