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Volume 18 Number 4

The Role of Technology in Preparing Youth with Disabilities for Postsecondary Education and Employment

Sheryl Burgstahler
University of Washington


Access to electronic and information technology has the potential to promote positive postsecondary academic and career outcomes for students with disabilities. However, this potential will not be realized unless stakeholders assure that all individuals with disabilities have access to technology that promotes positive academic and career outcomes; learn to use technology in ways that contribute to positive outcomes; and experience a seamless transition of availability of technology as they move through educational and career environments. This article explores the role technology can play in helping students with disabilities make successful transitions to postsecondary studies, employment, and adult life. It (a) defines terms, (b) provides examples of electronic and information technologies and their applications in pre-college and postsecondary education and employment, (c) summarizes legal issues that apply to technology access for students with disabilities in pre-college, postsecondary, and employment settings, (d) explores promising practices, and (e) lists topics for future research. Ensuring that all of the educational and employment opportunities that technology provides are accessible to everyone will contribute to the creation of a level playing field, thereby increasing access for people with disabilities to postsecondary education and careers in high-paying jobs and, ultimately, strengthening the economy.