TAM Tech Pick of the Week

Title: Snap and Read

Description: Snap and Read is a screen reader that can read any text, anywhere—even when it is embedded in pictures!

Website: http://donjohnston.com/snap-read/

Price: Paid, varies by subscription

Tags: reading, dyslexia, screen reader




Title: Assessing Students’ Needs for Assistive Technology (ASNAT) 5th Ed

Description: The ASNAT manual can help you find solutions for your student’s assistive technology needs using checklists and observations.  It covers areas of need from reading to executive function to computer access.

Website: http://wati.org/?pageLoad=content/supports/free/index.php

Price: Free

Tags: evaluation, solutions



Title: PrAACtical AAC

Description: PrAACtical AAC is a website designed to support those who work with students who use alternative and augmentative communication.

Website: http://praacticalaac.org/
Price: Free

Tags: AAC, augmentative communication, core language



Title: 30/30 App

Description: Learn how to use the 30/30 App to help your students manage their time and to dos!

Website: http://3030.binaryhammer.com/

Price: Free

Tags: Executive function, time management, mobile device




Title: 5 Ways to Adapt Books

Description: Learn 5 strategies to adapt books for students who have cognitive and physical disabilities.  Most materials have minimal costs.

Price: Minimal

Tags: reading, access, physical disabilities



Title:  5 Ways to Use a Camera to Support Executive Function

Description:  Learn 5 ways to use a camera on a mobile device.

Tags: Executive  function, Mobile device, Camera



Title: Rewordify

Website: www.rewordify.com

Description:  A website that simplifies complex text

Price: Free

Tags: Reading, Vocabulary, English Language Learners