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Technology and Media in CEC Practitioner Journals

Council for Exceptional Children Journal:
Using Flexible Participation in Technology-Supported, Universally Designed Preschool Activities
Howard P. Parette Jr & Craig Blum
Teaching Exceptional Children, 2015, Vol. 46 Issue 3, pp.60-67

Abstract: The article discusses the use of flexible participation methods in the design of technology-supported preschool activities. Details are given describing the universal design for learning (UDL) paradigm and its application to classroom activities. Several terms and concepts central to managing flexible participation are defined, including action, expression, and engagement. Sample ordered steps for lesson design using UDL and flexible participation are then given. INSET: Case Studies in Flexible Participation.

Council for Children with Behavior Disorders Journal:
Is there an App for That? A Model to help School-based Professionals Identify, Implement, and Evaluate Technology for Problem Behaviors.
Ashley S. Macsuga-Gage, Matthew Schmidt, Matthew Mcniff, Nicholas A. Gage, & Carla Scmidt
Beyond Behavior, 2015, Vol. 24 Issue 1, pp 24-30

Abstract: The article describes a framework for choosing, implementing, and evaluating technological applications in school-wide positive support systems. It describes a four-step process using problem solving as its foundation, in which teacher and/or school-based technological needs are assessed, and that products are reviewed and selected before implementation and evaluation takes place.